How to make salmon with spinach.. Strengthens the bones of the body

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Have you ever heard of salmon with spinach This wonderful dish is one of the most popular recipes that many people prefer for its wonderful delicious taste, besides its easy preparation method that takes only 30 minutes, so it is one of the simple and quick-to-prepare dishes.
This mighty mix is one of the most widespread mixes, so here is, dear reader, how to prepare this recipe at home with easy and healthy ingredients and simple steps, here are the details of the recipe through the website

How to make salmon with spinach

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Enough: 3 people

Ingredients of how to make salmon with spinach

2 salmon fillets cut into squares.
5 beaten eggs.
1 cup of flour.
1 can of Lite cream.
1 cup of chopped spinach.
Half a glass of chopped broccoli.
Salt as needed.
Black pepper to taste.
Method of preparation

1-Prepare a wide oven tray and put the salmon cubes in it.
2-we enter the oven tray for 15 minutes.
3-Pour the oil, salt and black pepper on the surface of the salmon.
4-beat the eggs well, then add flour, cream, spinach, salt, black pepper and broccoli to them.
5. pour the previous mixture onto the surface of the salmon pieces.
6-stir the mixture well, then place the salmon in a wide serving dish.
7. serve the salmon with spinach hot with a thousand here and healthy.

How to make salmon with spinach

Important tips when serving salmon with spinach

– Serve salmon with spinach with a healthy green salad.
– We can serve this recipe with fried and grilled fish.
– Some mothers prefer to serve seafood soup with salmon.

Health benefits of spinach

1-contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins.
2-protects humans from infection with many widespread diseases and viruses.
3. contain folic acid.
4. benefits pregnant women.
5-it works to build tissues and muscles.
6-protects against serious cancer.
7-normalizes blood sugar levels.

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