How to make grilled kebabs on charcoal.. His wind is going crazy

grilled meat on black grill

Kebabs are one of the delicious dishes that are very accepted among a large number of individuals, as it is one of the delicious recipes that mothers prefer to prepare at various gatherings, and we can grill kebabs in the oven or on coals.
Charcoal gives a characteristic aroma to kebabs, so many mothers prefer to prepare it this way, so the food today Kitchen shows in the following lines how to make grilled kebabs on charcoal at home in easy and simple steps.

Preparation time: 40 minutes

Enough: 5 people

Ingredients of the method of making grilled kebabs on charcoal

1 kilo of minced meat.
4 crushed garlic cloves.
2 onions of small size, chopped.
2 tablespoons olive oil.
A quarter cup of chopped green coriander.
1 teaspoon of salt.
1 teaspoon black pepper.
Half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Method of preparation

1-Prepare a deep bowl and put in it both olive oil, mashed garlic, and chopped onion.
2-stir the ingredients well, until the garlic and onion wilt.
3-add the minced meat, coriander greens, salt, black pepper and cinnamon.
4-stir the ingredients several times to get a homogeneous mixture.
5-let the mixture simmer over low heat.
6-we prepare the grilling sticks, put the kebabs in them.
7-roast the kebab on charcoal.
8-grilled kebabs on charcoal are served hot for a thousand here and on The Verge, and if you are a kebab lover, we advise you to serve Indian kebabs with hot sauce with this appetizing dish, as the latter is one of the most nutritious recipes, and if you are a fan of eating spicy dishes, of course this recipe will impress you, here’s how to prepare and prepare it at home by clicking on this link How to make Indian kebabs with hot sauce.

Important tips when serving grilled kebabs on charcoal

– We can eat green salad with this mouth-watering recipe.
– Some mothers prefer to add green peppers and chopped onions to the minced meat.

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