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Egg consumption. Is it healthy to eat one a day?

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A Harvard study suggests that its diurnal input helps cover the body; the benefits of this controversial food

exploration from Harvard University set up that eating one egg per day wasn’t linked to developing the threat of cardiovascular complaint

Eggs are a classic in every mortal diet, a food that doesn’t go out of style and whose consumption is passed down from generation to generation. A simple and practical product to cookideal to combine in different dishes and to consume at any time of the day. Its multiple factors are praised for the benefits they give.

stilldifficulties circulate that question its inputassociating it with the predilection to suffer from conditions and the increase in cholesterol.

An disquisition carried out by Harvard University in 2020 on,000 people, discovered that the habit of eating one egg per day wasn’t linked to the threat of cardiovascular conditions as used to be believed. On the negative, they concluded that this food helps cover the body.

Of its factors, the white constitutes 60 of the egg and weighs an normal of 30 grams. “ Among its nutritive parcels, it stands out that it has little sweet impact and is high in protein. It doesn’t give carbohydrates, fats or cholesterol and provides vitamins B2 and B12, and minerals similar as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium ”, says Paez.

As for the thralldom numerous avoid it or are hysterical of it because they believe that it provides a high quantum of cholesterol, nicknamed “ choline ”. In this sense, María Domenech, a gynecologist, a specialist in the forestallment of habitual conditions through good nutrition and healthy cultures, refutes this myth and highlights the significance of its input since it removes fat from the liver, “ strengthens the brain, stimulates memorycell membranes, vision, and hail ”. The croaker explains that cholesterol is generally the result of the consumption of fried and sautéed foods and a sedentary life.

According to data revealed by Aviculture, Argentina is among the six countries with the loftiest input of eggs per person. The numbers indicate that, in 2018, it was 284 eggs, and in 2017, 280. For their part, Japan and China aren’t far behind either concerning the first, consumption is roughly 318; in the alternate case 304 eggs per time per person.

For the specialists consulted, the ideal is for each one to consume the quantum they suppose is necessary. Its limitation shouldn’t be linked to fats, but to the fact that it doesn’t pass into proteins ”, comments Domenech.

In this sense, Analía Yamaguchi, clinical croaker specialist in nutrition and Secretary of the Argentine Society of Nutrition, emphasizes that there’s no restriction when it comes to its input, but emphasizes that it must be accompanied by a balancedhealthy, and careful diet. This translates into maintaining a balanced diet, where eggs are one further link in the entire food chain, ” says Yamaguchi.

And while important is said about eggs being dangerous to health and indeed associated with the development of conditions, the verity is that “ to duly diagnose someone, you have to have a comprehensive look at the case without attributing responsibility to a food, as happens with the egg, that has been thrown down ”, adds Domenech.

When it comes to preparing it, numerous ways and ways live from including them in mess medications or as incidents, and indeed boiled and alone. A not minor detail, and the bone that the expert’s highlight, is the fact of making sure that it’s cooked to avoid salmonella. In this character, Domenech reveals the secret so that its cuisine is fair and that no element is lost “ Boil the water and when it’s ready to turn it off. Add the egg and let it rest for seven twinkles. In this way, the egg white is cooked and the thralldom is al dente ”.

What are the benefits of eating eggs?

It provides good– value proteins, rich in essential amino acids, including Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are rudiments that the body can not manufacture on its own from other factors.

It promotes the conformation and conservation of muscles, which is why it’s largely recommended for athletes and aged grown-ups as it helps offset the aging process.

It acts as an antioxidant andanti-inflammatory, strengthening and guarding the structure of the brain, the membranes of the organism, vision, and hail. In addition, the thralldom has antimicrobial parcelsguarding the body from the presence of contagions and bacteria.

It’s a source of vitamin D and “ given the antioxidant capacity of these nutrients, they could be great defenders against cardiovascular conditions, ” explains Paez.

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